VeganMoFo 2: BBQ Balls and Cookie Sandwiches

BBQ balls!

Barbecue balls. This recipe from Have Cake, Will Travel combines two things that my boyfriend loves: vegan foods that resemble meat and foods that are smothered in some kind of sauce. In addition to that, they seemed very easy to make, and Celine’s recipes never seem to disappoint. Needless to say, I had to make these! I was amazed at how delicious they came out using such basic ingredients – I had everything on hand. Well, except the garlic powder, actually, but they tasted fine without it. I also had to substituted regular breadcrumbs for the panko (I’m not sure how much of a difference that would make). I’ll try and get both of those ingredients and make the balls as they were intended sometime. In the meantime, these came out great as well! I love the recipe and I’m definitely going to use it again.

BBQ ball sandwich

Following Celine’s suggestion, I served the meatless balls in a sandwich of ciabatta with BBQ sauce and yellow bell pepper (raw, I was too lazy to roast one).

I used the Backyard BBQ sauce from Veganomicon to coat the balls:

 BBQ Sauce

Perfect! For some reason, I hardly ever make this recipe. It can’t be because it’s difficult to make – it was surprisingly simple. I think I always decide not to make it because the recipe asks for liquid smoke and I don’t have that. However, I just left it out this time and replaced the plain sea salt with smoked salt, instead. It was delicious with the smoked salt, and I’m sure this sauce would still be great without any of the added smokiness. I’ll still keep looking for liquid smoke, though.

Oh, and here’s another one of Celine’s recipes I made recently: the Rosewater Sablés recipe. Only they’re not rosewater sablés anymore, because I replaced the rosewater with vanilla and almond extract. Then I decided to turn them into cookie sandwiches!

 Tea with cookie sandwiches

Mmm, delicious. Using cookie cutters is a little more time-consuming than simply rolling the dough into little circles, but it’s a lot more fun as well. If I ever get my hands on some rosewater, I’d love to try the original version of the cookies.

Even though the cookies were good on their own, I really felt like making them into sandwiches. This was my first time making cookies sandwiches and I made them in two different flavours, using these as fillings:

 Speculoos & Chocolate spreads

Speculoos & chocolate spread! Oh my goodness these spreads are way too tasty. Once you have one speculoos sandwich, it’s hard to stop eating! They were really convenient to use for the cookies, because they make a delicious filling all on their own and I can get both these jars at my local supermarket (coopcompact, in case you were wondering). I don’t really let myself buy these on a regular basis, though, because they’re way too addictive!


6 thoughts on “VeganMoFo 2: BBQ Balls and Cookie Sandwiches

  1. Wow, Bonnie, that’s quite a spread. Your sablés look so perfect and the balls…I’ve been meaning to try them since Celine posted the recipe.

    P.S. Don’t post about Speculoos paste. People from all over the world (me) will beg you to send them some.

  2. Mmm… delicious! Celine does do good recipes!

    And kudos for making 4 recipes yesterday! I have seen that book a couple of times, but it is one I have never quite bought. Looks good for quick and easy meals though!

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