Back from Amsterdam!

Yep, I’m back from by holiday in Amsterdam. I actually returned last Friday, but didn’t get around to posting until now. I stayed at a campsite (Camping Zeeburg) with four friends, which was lots of fun. We slept in a cabin without kitchen, so cooking was a bit difficult. Without any way to heat up or food or a refridgerator to preserve it, we had to rely mainly on bread, salads, canned foods and restaurants. Luckily there was plenty of good food to get in Amsterdam, though, so we were fine. Two of my friends are vegetarians, so we even ate at a nice vegetarian restaurant once! It’s called de Bolhoed and it’s a lovely place. This is the meal I had:

De Bolhoed - Vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

It’s phyllo dough filled with yumminess and a salad on the side with further yumminess and I don’t recall the ingredients exactly but I know that it was generally yummy. One of my friends ordered this same meal, two of them had the Asian stirfry, the other one had Enchiladas and I think they all enjoyed their dinners, so it’s safe to say that this restaurant serves good food. Not expensive, either, so I’d love to go there again!

The interior of the place is nice and colourful:

De Bolhoed - Vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Makes me happy.

I also got falafel at Maoz, which made a perfect lunch. I love the hummus/eggplant combination with a helping of tomato and cucumber from the salad bar:


That’s pretty much it for the Amsterdam foods, but here’s what I made today:


Yes, poffertjes! I hadn’t had those in a looong time. Tiny little fluffy pancakes covered in margarine and powdered sugar. The last few times that I did have them, they were the store-bought variety, so these homemade ones were surprising to me: they were much more crispy and brown on the outside, which was nice!

I used a special cast-iron poffertjespan to make these, which had been lying in the kitchen for ages without being used by anyone. Is there any other use for the poffertjespan than making poffertjes? I don’t think there is. I guess I just have to make poffertjes as often as possible to get enough use out of the pan. Which could be good, because my poffertjes-making skilles could use some improving. I think my poffertjes were a bit too brown sometimes and even got close to burning, because I couldn’t get them out of the pan very well (you have to turn them once to let the other side brown, you see). I think I just have to turn the heat a bit higher and cook them more quickly. I’ll try that some other day and see if it makes a difference.

For now, I’m waiting for my exam results next Thursday and am just sitting around the house doing useless things like sleeping late, sitting in the garden, being nervous and making poffertjes. Of those things, I think making poffertjes is actually the most useful thing to do. I think I might go on and make some bread next, or something else that involves lots of mixing and kneading dough… I feel like doing that. Have a nice day! Hopefully one that’s just as nice and sunny as the ones I’m having here.


22 thoughts on “Back from Amsterdam!

  1. Welcome home, Bonnie!! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday to Amsterdam!! Oh my, that falafel looks delicious – yum!! And I LOVE the poffertjes that you made!!

    Good luck with your exam results!!

    Yeah, it’s sunny here; but also TOO hot – ahh!!

  2. Poffertjes! I haven’t had those in ages. A decade, at least, I think. Was it hard to make them vegan? I guess any basic pancake recipe would work, no?

    I’ll see if I can stop by De Bolhoed if I’m ever in Amsterdam again. (Welcome back, of course. Before I forget)

    Maoz has something aubergine in the salad bar? Must check it out.

  3. Thanks!! It was a nice holiday. Too short, really. But I guess it’s also nice to have a proper kitchen again.

    It wasn’t hard to make the poffertjes vegan, though I’m not sure if these were as good as vegan poffertjes can and should be (I liked them, that’s all I can say). I looked up some recipes for poffertjes and all of them contained yeast, so that’s what I used. My batter consisted of the following (based on a recipe from one of my mother’s cookbooks): 1 cup of whole wheat pastry flour, a pinch of salt, about a teaspoon of yeast, about 1 1/2 cup of soymilk. I left the bowl covered with a kitchen towel in the closet for a while to rise because it said so in the recipe, but I didn’t notice much of a difference.

    Yes, Maoz has aubergine! it’s delicious. Do try it. I know the one in Rotterdam has it, too.

  4. Welcome home! Your Amsterdam eats look so good!!!
    As do those delicious pancakes you made!! I want some breakfast now hehe.

  5. Welcome back Bons! Your trip sounds like it was quite amazing, and I’m so glad that you had such a great time! And what amazing pictures of that food! Deeelish!

    We have Maoz here, in Philadelphia, and it is out of this world! How about that Salad Bar! I can go a little too crazy, sometimes, so my friends have to kind of steer me away before I completely embarrass them with my mountain of a Pita! Haha

    Have a wonderful day and welcome home again!!! So happy to have you back :)

  6. That doesn’t sound too difficult, no. And I think my parents still have a poffertjes skillet somewhere. They used to have one, at least.

    Will do. Any excuse to get me some falafel!

  7. Romina – Amsterdam has lots to eat for vegans! Lots of falafel, anyway. That’s always great :)

    Julz – Haha! I’m always amazed at how much salad people can put on their pita without having trouble eating it. Sometimes the thing can get so big I don’t know how to do that without things falling off. Ah well. Thank you, :)

    Tuimeltje – Wait! I apparently can’t really read, just read your first comment again – I don’t there’s any aubergine in the salad bar, but you have to order it with your pita. I think the one in Rotterdam has this combination of hummus and aubergine, so you have to pay extra for those things. Which kinda sucks, but I always do it anyway because I want hummus with my falafel!

    I still have to check out that other falafel place in Rotterdam that you blogged about…

  8. Great to have you back! Man, I need to go back to Amsterdam soon, because Maoz is my favourite. I wish i had such a poffertjes cast iron, I think I would make them every day.
    Good luck with your exam results!!!

  9. Ah, I think my parents have a poffertjes pan lying around somewhere… I definitely have to make poffertjes soon now that I’ve seen your pic…

    Oh, and I always pay one euro extra for a plate and utensils at Maoz: no trouble eating lots and lots of salad that way ;-)

  10. Thanks, Mihl! :) Hope you get a chance to visit Amsterdam again… I’m surprised there aren’t any Maoz stores in Germany at all! But I’m sure there are other places that sell falafel, right?

    Sanja, I didn’t know that was possible to get plate and utensils with your falafel! I did get a salad box at Maoz once and got the plastic cutlery, but I’m never much good with that. I think I broke the fork while trying to eat with it. Still, it does make it easier to eat all the salad!

  11. The poffertjes look divine… but don’t make me try to pronounce that!

    Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. You are so super sweet, Bonnie dear :o)

    And welcome back! It looks like you had a great time.

  12. you’re back, you’re back! yay. you had some yummy-looking food in amsterdam. the phyllo entree! i would love to eat that in a restaurant, you luck thing. and all your pastries with weird name spellings always sound so delicious. these look like donuts/muffin tips and general powdered sugar goodness.

  13. I don’t know, maybe the plate and utensils are only available in Groningen? I just ask: Maoz op een bordje graag. Or just order the Belgian fries, then you’ll get a plate and utensils too. :-)

    The Maoz in Groningen recently started selling things like tuna sandwiches though… :-S

  14. Hmmmmm Maoz ik mis t vreselijk hahaha Zou ik t receptje voor vegan poffertjes kunnen krijgen please please pretty pretty please with a cherry untop?

    ps-je thanks for the visit to my blog :)

  15. Bedankt voor t receptje! Het recept in de link moet ik laten voor wanneer ik weer in NL zit ivm met de ener-g die heb ik niet meegenomen.

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