Hello again!

Whew, I did not intend to leave that last post up there for so long without making a new one, especially since it was kind of negative-sounding. I’d started writing a post weeks ago but then school got in the way and I never ended up finishing it! Anyway, here’s a post! Sorry about the absence!

Some updates on the last post: the ice cream was even weirder after it’d been in the freezer for a while – it became kind of dry and crumbly. I need to make a new, different kind of chocolate ice cream! The brownies were thrown away (actually they were stored in a cupboard by someone – not me-, forgotten, left there to be discovered after a week and then thrown away). It’s sad, but they just weren’t good. The muffins on the other hand were still good and satisfying and I ate almost all of them by myself as snacks during the next week.

My parents left to go on holiday a few days after my birthday, so I was home alone for a week. This meant I had to cook for myself every day, too. Normally this isn’t the case; I cook dinner only sometimes and have meals prepared by my Mom on most days (she’s vegetarian herself but cooks pretty much only vegan dishes these days!). Not that I minded, though, I obviously enjoy cooking. I did forget to make sure I had all the ingredients I wanted before the stores closed a few times, but luckily the fridge and basement were still full of enough food to make many, many decent meals.

As I had to spend most of my time studying for exams, I chose to make simple and quick meals. Here are some pictures I took:


A simple lunch: wholewheat pita bread with a salad and olive tapenade.



Pasta! I love pasta. Especially pasta with pesto, because it’s so easy to make and so full of flavour. One of these dishes has a regular basil pesto, but I made pesto with arugula when I ran out of basil and that was delicious as well. The upper picture has pasta with pesto, eggplant and sundried tomatoes, the other has sautéed mushrooms and kalamata olives. yum!


This pizza has all kind of yummy things combined. It’s a simple wholewheat storebought crust with some tomato sauce, eggplant slices, olive tapenade and basil leaves. I think I also incorporated some leftover pesto into the tomato sauce for extra deliciousness.


These are one of the few baked goods that I made during the past weeks (I also made cookies today, to celebrate the beginning of the summer holidays!): Black Bean Brownies! This is the recipe I used. I’d been planning on making it for a long time, but I had to get myself some black beans first. I thought they would be hard to find (and I still think they are), but then I discovered a can of them in the basement! It had probably been there for a long while, but I never noticed it before. Weird! Anyway, I felt I had to make them right away, and I did. And they were good. You can really taste the bananas, coconut and cocoa in there, but you can’t taste the beans! Next time I come accross a store that sells black beans, I’ll be sure to buy a couple of cans.


Super-simple but so good: a fruit salad of melon, grapes and (frozen) raspberries. Perfect summer food.

Now, I spent the last few weeks focusing on exams, but as I had the last two today, I’ll have some more free time again! I have been peeking at pictures on blogs I’m subscribed to in Google Reader, and they looked so delicious and really made me want to be in the kitchen cooking (or eating) instead of buried under a pile of books studying, so I’m going to take the time to take a closer look at all of them now! Either that or I’m just going to fall asleep on top of my keyboard and will continue reading the posts tomorrow.

I’m going on holiday in a few days, though, so I won’t be home next week. In any case, I’m so relieved to have finished all these exams! and I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I passed them.


13 thoughts on “Hello again!

  1. Bonnie!! You’re alive!! Haha ;0) Glad to read that you’re still cooking and baking up a storm, and that you’re done with exams!! Hooray!! SOrry about having to throw out the ice cream and brownies though :0(

    Google Reader is a lifesaver – you’re going to love it!!

  2. Ice cream that is dry and crumbly?! That IS weird!

    But the brownies look like they more than make up for it. And your pasta dish is gorgeous and is making me crave pasta even though I just finished a big dinner.

    Haha don’t fall asleep on your computer! That sounds super-uncomfortable!

  3. Thank you!! you’re both so quick in noticing this post and commenting already :) maybe that is the magic of Google Reader and RSS feeds…

    Ha, I’ve never actually fallen asleep behind my computer, but I could totally see that happening to me some day because I sometimes just can’t get myself to turn the darn thing off and go to bed. but yeah, it can’t be very comfortable!

  4. Your pasta dish looks gorgeous. And I would like a slice of that pizza please!

    Because I don’t know how to say this exact phrase in English: ik ben aan het duimen voor je! ;-)

  5. Romina: I know, isn’t it just the best? mmm!
    Celine: thank you! throwing away food does suck… come to think of it, I think my parents actually did eat the ice cream even though it was all dry and crumbly and odd…
    Sanja… dankje!! :)

  6. Poor Bonnie! I feel bad that you had exams so late… It feels like summer has been going on forever now to me! Those brownies turned out nice and firm, and this body definitely could use some more beans in it, so I need to make that recipe!

    I think having the house to yourself is really exciting at first, and then I get incredibly lonely! It looks like you took care of yourself really well — you’re putting me in the mood for pesto! Nice pizza. It’s very purrrdy. ;)

  7. Oh yum, it all looks so good! It’s nice to see you updating again, but don’t worry about it, I know crazy exams can be… Just take it slow, and think about all the fun you’ll have when it’s all over. Best of luck!

  8. Hiya! Nice to see you here again. :) Looks like really tasty food.

    If you don’t mind dried, the more exotic supermarkets often sell a variety of beans, and I think I got my black ones at the Chinese supermarket.

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