Welcome to the failed baked goods post! Which also happens to be my birthday post. I turned eighteen yesterday, which I thought was the perfect excuse to bake some goodies. Unfortunately for me, they didn’t turn out all that well.

Chocolate muffins

These are the Low-Fat Double Chocolate Muffins by Celine, only with about two tablespoons of cocoa instead of the 1/4 cup the recipe calls for. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have enough of it until I had to add it to the flour, so I just continued to follow the recipe and hoped for the best. They really aren’t bad (my Dad thought they were the best muffins I’d made so far – he somehow never likes muffins, but he did like these), I just wish I’d been able to make them the way they were supposed to. I made 12 small muffins instead of 6 big ones, by the way.


These brownies, however, were a real mess. They’re the Ten Minute Brownies from the Student’s Go Vegan Cookbook, a recipe that I’ve made before, but somehow they were much worse this time than the last time I made them. It started when I was making the batter. This recipe requires that you
melt a cup of chocolate and mix that into the wet ingredients (which is why I chose to make this recipe; I was out of cocoa powder, but still had some chocolate left). All that went very well, but when I wanted to add the wet ingredients to the dry, it turned out that the cocoa had already turned solid again and the two were kind of hard to mix together. I just put the whole bowl in the microwave for a few seconds and all seemed good again after that. I even took them out of the oven a little earlier to make sure that the brownies wouldn’t turn out too dry, but that happened anyway. As you can see on the picture, they completely fell apart. Some people who tried them said they didn’t taste like brownies at all, either, so I don’t know. I liked this recipe the last time I made it, but I guess I just need to get myself some new cocoa powder and try a new recipe.

Chocolate hazelnut ice cream

I also made some more ice cream. Chocolate ice cream, this time, hoping I would get at least one chocolate flavoured treat right. I’m not sure about this yet. I had some guests try it and they didn’t dislike it, but it didn’t really taste like ice cream to them either. It was more of a very cold chocolate mousse, according to some.

I think it’s time to stop randomly mixing things together in the food processor and calling it ice cream, and start trying other people’s recipes for a change. Especially Celine’s Frozen Tiramisu is one of the top things on my list of things to try when I finally get off my lazy butt and go to a place that sells silken tofu.

So yeah, the things I made weren’t much good. I’m glad my Mom at least baked three great apple pies. She makes the best apple pie… I think I’ll post the recipe sometime, because it’s so good. Now, maybe it’s best to stop baking for a (little) while and go back to doing some schoolwork… and hope my food will turn out a bit better again after that.


23 thoughts on “Woo-hoo!

  1. so sorry to hear the muffins didn’t turn out! do you spoon or scoop the flour? which sugar do you use? I’ve had different results depending on these two factors, that’s why I’m asking.

  2. Bonnie, never fear – we all have our “kitchen mishaps,” so you’re not alone. And besides, you have WWWAAAAAAYYYY more successes than failures, so be proud!! :0)

  3. Happy Birthday! The muffins don’t look that bad. And isn’t it strange that the same recipe can lead both to perfect AND messed up results? This happened to me too!

  4. Happy birthday! I didn’t realize you were so young…!
    And as for those failed cupcakes- The still look quite tasty, so you could always make them into cake truffles. Just crumble them all up, mix in enough frosting to create a cohesive dough, roll clumps into balls, and coat in melted chocolate! :)

  5. Aww, thank you for the birthday wishes!

    Celine, I think I kind of poured the flour from the bag into the cup for the whole wheat flour and spooned it for the AP. As I still like them and my father really likes them, I honestly don’t consider them as really a failure, just not as double-chocolatey as I would have liked to make them, which was due to my own forgetfulness.
    Wait, I just realized that I didn’t use powdered sugar at all, but cane sugar. I guess that was a mistake?

    Romina, I’m sure it can’t be that bad, your food always looks so great!

    Liz, well, I don’t post all of my failures ;) You can always learn from them, I suppose! but thank you for the compliment.

    Mihl, it is strange! I’m still not sure what went wrong with the brownies.

    Hannah, thank you for the idea! I really like it, that sounds delicious…

  6. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoyed it.

    Your failures don’t look too bad, especially the muffins.

    I always have trouble getting myself to buy silken tofu too… they should sell it more! Same thing with vegan cream cheese. I only know one place in the whole country that stocks it.

  7. Thanks, Coppe!
    I know! I really hope they’ll start selling silken tofu at the health food store here at some point… they do sell tofutti cream cheese, though, I didn’t know it was so hard to get in other places.

  8. I guess it depends on where you live. I can’t find it anywhere in Utrecht or in the places around it (where I live). I found one shop in Amsterdam that recently started carrying it. That made my day (and the following days, which were filled with vegan cheesecakey goodness)!

  9. Happy Birthday!! Sorry your baking didn’t go as planned…can’t even begin to say how many times that has happened to me! Oh well, I bet you still had fun in the process right? And that’s half of what baking is all about! Have a great Thursday!!

  10. Oh my gosh, May 5th was your birthday?!!!! I just realized you wrote yesterday. HAHA! That’s my birthday as well!! Totally cool! Yay for cinco de mayo!!

  11. Well, nothing says happy birthday quite like a failed treat. Ugh, poo on that! And happy birthday!!! veganicecream.blogspot.com has some good recipes – I’ve only tried one, but I think the girl knows what she’s doing.

  12. Ooh, I need to look up a vegan cheesecake recipe – I’ve had two tubs of Tofutti standing in the fridge for a while and they need to be used…

    Cool, Glidingcalm :) A girl who lives next door to me had her birthday on May 5th too. Fun! And yes, I had fun making these things, so I don’t mind that they didn’t turn out perfect.

    Thank you Tuimeltje, and Ruby Red Vegan :D – I’ve actually made a recipe from that ice cream blog before, I think they’re all great-looking recipes… I messed up the one that I tried because I used bad coconut milk, but I’d really like to try a different recipe from her blog soon!!

  13. Don’t worry about those brownies, we all have our silly baking mishaps from time to time. At least you are brave enough to post about it so we can learn from your mistakes! … And next time you’ll know how to perfect the recipe! :)

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