Ice Cream!

After being absent for two weeks for no apparent reason, I’m again back with some yummy things I made lately! I had my last days of school this week and have my first exam on May 19th, so I have a month of studying ahead of me. I’m sure I’ll be able to fit in some cooking and baking, though, so I’ll keep posting pictures!

Because the weather has gotten a lot better over the past weeks, I decided to start using my ice cream maker again. I love making ice cream! I made two kinds so far, but there are many more flavours that I’d like to try next.

Above: almond-speculaas ice cream. To make this, I ground half a cup of toasted and half a cup of raw almonds in a food processor, added one cup of hazelnut-almond-ricemilk, one tablespoon of raw almond butter, half a cup + two tablespoons of sugar and a bit of almond extract and mixed all of that together. I chilled it overnight and put it in the ice cream machine the next day, adding pieces of speculaas a few minutes before it was done. I like this ice cream a lot, but there’s room for improvement in the recipe… I think I’ll use all almond butter instead of grinding almonds myself next time, because I couldn’t grind them entirely and the icecream wasn’t completely smooth. My Dad also thought the icecream was very heavy, so I’d probably use less almonds an more rice milk if I’d have to make it again. Still, it’s a good dessert and I know I won’t have trouble finishing any leftovers…

Lavender-Apricot Ice Cream

I also wanted a lighter type of ice cream, so I made this. It’s Lavender-Apricot, made of 3/4 cup of soy yogurt, 1/3 cup of apricot preserves, 1/2 cup of rice milk, 1/2 teaspoon of lemon extract and 1-2 teaspoons of dried lavender flowers. I like the combination of these two flavours and the ice cream is very light and healthier than the speculaas one, but it wasn’t perfect either. Specifically the lavender flowers were something my parents were a bit sceptical about: My Mom said they look a little like bugs in the ice cream and my Dad says he doesn’t like the taste and texture the whole flowers provide. My Mom, however, says she does like that taste and personally, I think the flowers make the icecream look pretty, so it’s not all that bad. I would use less lavender next time (and maybe more apricot preserves), as the taste is a little dominant this way. Maybe grinding it or making some kind of infusion and using that would be a good idea… but I don’t know. I still like this ice cream the way it is.


One other thing before I go to bed: Appelflappen! They’re sheets of puff pastry filled with an apple and raisin mixture. So simple. I had one piece of regular puff pastry left, so I used that up, the other ones are whole-wheat puff pastry.

I’ll be back soon! Hopefully with more ice cream pictures, because I really, really like ice cream these days.


13 thoughts on “Ice Cream!

  1. Oh, yum! Both ice creams look absolutely devine. I must get myself an ice cream maker one day.
    Did your ice cream turn out very sweet? I occasionally eat sorbets, but usually I find they way too sweet.

    Appelflappen are great. I once made some with cranberries instead of raisins. I should still have pictures of them…

  2. Your appelflappen are gorgeous – they have that gourmet look, if you even know what I’m talking about. :) And ice cream! I can’t wait to bust out my ice cream machine for the summer. I’m so glad you posted about your almond ice cream, because I’ve never thought of using almond butter in ice cream. Great idea! Ooh, now I’m thinking almond butter + vegan Oreos… Yum, thanks for the inspiration!

  3. The lavender-apricot ice cream looks really pretty… And you can give me some almond-speculaas ice cream any time!

    I really like appelflappen/turnovers with cherries in them. Hmm, maybe I should make some… And ww puff pastry in the Netherlands?! You probably made it yourself?

  4. Thanks, people!
    Celine, that sounds like a good idea! Maybe I’ll try that next time.
    Tuimeltje, I thought the lavender ice cream wasn’t too sweet at all (the speculaas one was kind of sweet, but you could always reduce the sugar). Because I didn’t use any sugar, only the sweetness from the ingredients themselves, I think it was mostly the apricot preserves that sweetened it and those weren’t too sweet at all. I like it this way, too much sugar makes it taste less refreshing, I guess.
    Ruby Red, I’m glad I’ve given you an idea! I’d love to try hazelnut butter in chocolate ice cream… Your combination sounds great as well, I’d love to see some pictures of that! I’ve never even tried an oreo (all the ones I found either had whey in them or didn’t have ingredients on the package at all).
    Sanja, thanks! Turnovers, is that what they’re called? I wasn’t sure and I like the word appelflappen anyway. Actually, I used the ww puff pastry that my mother found in a health food store (a German brand, Moin) – I wasn’t sure whether it was vegan (it says ‘vegetable margarine’ on the package), but then I found this and figured it was OK. The other (non-ww) puff pastry is Ting, but you probably know that one.
    I would like to make puff pastry myself sometime, too, actually :)

  5. Appelflappen is such a cool name! I love your language so much.
    Your ice cream recipes sound very, very delicious, especially almond speculaas! I am going to try this soon! In Germany speculaas unfortunately are only sold around Christmas, but anyway, I wanted to make some for my mom. When I’ve done that, I can go for your ice cream.

  6. oh man, that looks so good. Especially the first one. Are ice cream makers expensive? I go through enough i cream I should probably just make it myself.

    I had a snoopy snow cone maker once. Does that count?

  7. @ Mihl: It never occurred to me how funny the word might sound to foreign people until I posted it online. But yeah, it’s a cool name! I’m really glad you like the ice cream recipe – if you try it, let me know how it turns out! I do recommend trying to use almond butter instead of whole almonds, I expect the ice cream will be better that way :)

    @ Kelly T.: Thank you! Haha, I had no idea what you were talking about but I googled ‘snoopy snow cone’ and found out. That is pretty cool x) Any experience in ice cream making counts. Ice cream makers don’t have to be expensive at all – just look out for them and you can probably find them on sale somewhere. You can get ones with a separate bowl that you have to freeze beforehand and put back in the machine when you add the ice cream mix. Those are the cheap ones. I heard there are also ice cream machines that don’t require pre-freezing because they freeze themselves, but those are bound to be more expensive.

    Thanks, Katie and Hannah! It is the perfect time for ice cream (over here, at least, where the weather has just gotten nice and warm). I hope you enjoy your ice cream, too!

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