More Cupcakes


Did I mention the high tea at my school today? Well, there wasn’t a lot of tea (I eventually got one cup), but everyone (over 50 people) had brought something to eat, so there was a lot of food. I made cupcakes, apart from fruit, the only vegan things there, I think. There’s not much to say about them, only that I enjoyed baking and decorating them and I think (at least some) other people enjoyed eating them. So did I, of course. You don’t even want to know how many cupcakes I ate today.

I made half batches of basic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World and a batch of Vanilla French Cupcakes. Both were YUM, I don’t think the texture of the cakes has ever come out this well for me. Was it the oil? The rice milk? I don’t know, but they were great.
As for frosting, I made the Kahlua Chocolate Frosting that comes with the vanilla cupcakes and the Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting from the cookbook.

Now… I don’t have anything else but the pictures, so I’ll leave you with those. I took these in the morning sunlight before I left, which explains the long shadows and yellowish glow on some of them, I guess.


Chocolate cupcake + chocolate ganache = So. Good. Why have I never made this before?! So simple, too. I added sliced fruit to make them look pretty.


I didn’t bother with trying to pipe the frosting into swirls this time, because putting it on with a knife is easier and I’m still happy with the way these turned out.

Strawberry Tallcakes

One of the suggestions at the end of the Golden Vanilla Cupakes recipe in VCTotW are the Strawberry Tallcakes. They have buttercream and strawberries, a perfect combination…


This one has buttercream frosting, mini ganache truffels and chocolate shavings. I really love those truffels…


Finally, here are all of them together in two shots:




18 thoughts on “More Cupcakes

  1. I have no doubt that your cupcakes were not only the prettiest treats at the tea party, but I’m sure that they were the TASTIEST as well :0) My favorite is the one with the ganache truffles; but I also really fancy the strawberry-tallcakes and the ones with the raspberries…. oh goodness, I LOVE THEM ALL!! :0D

  2. Bons, are you trying to romance me or something? Bc it’s working :) BIG TIME…Seriously, continue with these cupcake posts and my heart is yours <333

  3. You’ve sent me a cupcake in the mail already, right? Seriously, they look sooo amazingly good– even better than in the VCTOTW book, if that’s possible! The chocolate-raspberry one is calling my name!

  4. Chocolate ganache is so addicting! Oh man, I love that stuff. I just got VCTOTW last Thursday, so I don’t feel left out anymore. Except I haven’t actually made any cupcakes yet – I have a new vegan friend who keeps making them for me….

    Your cupcakes look so gourmet and refined! Mmm… Shoot. Decorating those must have taken hours!!! And a question for you: do you think it’s necessary to have a hand or stand mixer to begin my cupcake adventures? Or do you think I could scrape by for a while with a good ol’ whisk?

  5. Send me leftovers too! (Ha, like there would be leftovers of those gorgeous things!)

    As for my cake, I decorated it with fondant (what the car is made from). Fondant is like edible clay— it’s sooo much fun to work with! Sadly, I don’t particularly like its taste… but I still love using it :o) :o)

  6. haha, yeah, I agree that Brad Pitt doesn’t look very real in wax. You should see the pic I have of Johnny Depp, though—it looks scarily real! You really should practice with chopsticks—they’re so much fun to use :o) :o)

  7. You should definitely try Thai food! It’s so amazingly good.

    Of course, I will completely understand if you don’t trust my opinion. After all, I apparently run a blog devoted to chocolate- covered meatballs…

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