Apple Pie!

I really love apple pie. That’s why I was happy to see that Coppe posted a recipe for apple pie yesterday. I had been thinking about what to make today (I wanted to make at least something for Easter) and a pie seemed perfect.

Apple pie

And it was! I don’t have cute mini tins so I used a big one, which worked just fine. The only problem was that I didn’t have enough dough at first, so I just made a little more. I also used two apples instead of an apple and a pear, because we didn’t have any pears. I would’ve liked trying it with both of the fruits in there, but this was pretty awesome as well. I didn’t have enough dough left to cover the pie with lattices, so I just crumbled it on top.

Apple pie

Here’s a piece. Mmm.

Oh – I had a couple of pieces of my chocolate egg today, too. I thought it was actually pretty hard to break it. At first I wanted to take a piece off the top and leave the rest of the egg undamaged, but that turned out to be impossible. Then I tried breaking it by hitting the top on the table, but it still wouldn’t give. In the end I just crushed it by putting it on the table and leaning on it and it finally broke into pieces.

Green & Black's chocolate egg - in pieces

Delicious, big, dark, chocolatey pieces.

I guess that’s it for now… I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


18 thoughts on “Apple Pie!

  1. I’m really glad you liked it! It looks great.

    Mmm… chocolatey pieces… *covets*

    I used a sharp knife to cut off the top of my chocolate egg. That worked reasonably well, actually, although I did end up with a few fragments.

  2. Thanks! oh yeah, Happy Easter!

    Coppe: I thought of using a knife, but felt like that would be cheating. I wanted to break this one with my bare hands! But umm, yeah, a knife would have been easier.

    Romina: It’s so nice! But if you can’t find an egg like that, it tastes just the same as normal G&B’s chocolate :)

  3. I love how your apple pie is dark-colored, and the dough sprinkled on top looks really cool. I haven’t had apple pie in for ev er and I am certainly missing out, by the looks of yours! Happy Easter – hopefully you enjoyed it with that delish-lookin’ egg!

    Thanks for the nice comment about my Disney post… It’s actually insane how many more pictures I have!

  4. Looks great! I have much love for a basic applie pie as well. I’ll have to remember making one once I get an oven.

    By the way, completely random, utterly off-topic, I was wondering how you get the comments you post on your own blog to have a different colour than the comments posted by others. Is it part of the template you use? I’ve wanted to get mine to do that ever since I noticed the possibility, but from what I understand I’ll need plugins and won’t be able to use those unless I do something or other which will either cost me time or money (or both) and I’m really too lazy for any of that right now.

  5. Thanks! I would hate not having an oven, I hope you’ll be able to bake something again soon.
    And yes, it is part of this template. I can add my name and email address under ‘Current Theme Options’ in the presentation part of the WordPress dashboard and that makes my posts highlighted, even if I’m not logged in, I think. So yeah, that’s it :) I’m not sure if it’s the same for other themes, but I’m guessing there are some others that have this option as well. Right now I like this one, you can customize more things in it than in most of the other templates.

  6. Cool! I’ll play around with themes for a bit again later. I changed it around a little yesterday evening, but it makes my pictures wonky, so I’ll have to find one that can do the highlighting while keeping my pics nice.

    Yeah, I really want an oven again….

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