The Mini-Post

Time for another post! This time, a miniature one. Not only because I don’t have much to say, but also because I’ve had the tendency of making everything in small sizes lately, for example, cookies.


It’s great that they’re small – it means it’s OK to eat more of them.

I also used my mini cake pans to make two little cakes. For this, I took a non-vegan ‘plum cake’ recipe that I happened to have on hand, changed it all around and mixed one half of the batter with raisins, the other half with blueberries. It wasn’t until I had put them in the oven that I thought about the amount of baking powder that was in there. The original recipe called for self rising flour but also for extra baking powder. Because I’d left out the eggs, I figured I’d just add a little more to be sure. They did end up rising very well.

Raisin cake

They didn’t rise too much, though, so I think it was just fine. This is the raisin cake. Half of it was already eaten by the time I took this picture.

Blueberry cake

The blueberry cake, baked in a miniature bundt pan. I should’ve left this one in the oven just a tiny bit longer, but it was good this way too. Because it had risen so well, I had to cut off the bottom part or it wouldn’t be able to stand flat.


Lastly, an experiment. Let’s call them ‘mini speculaas pies’. It’s speculaas dough (from the recipe I used for gevulde speculaas), baked in a muffin pan, filled with Soyatoo cream and topped with toasted chopped almonds. I’m a speculaas-fan, so I love ’em!


12 thoughts on “The Mini-Post

  1. They’re really tasty! it felt weird making speculaas in March (as it reminds me of Sinterklaas/fall), but that doesn’t stop me from eating them :o)

  2. “It’s great that they’re small – it means it’s OK to eat more of them.”

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your philosophy ;o). And the mini bundts are so adorable. I’ve actually never made a bundt cake, but now I want to.

  3. Baking in miniature is the best way to do it! :) I love your mini bundt cake pan, and the speculaas look ummy yum yummy. Sweets make the world go round! And your cookies are so round and perfectly shaped, oh my goodness.

  4. Those speculaas tarts look awesome! I love making tarts. Not eating them, but making them. Do you think the pastry would go well with chocolate?

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