The last day of spring break…

Yes, my school starts again tomorrow. I can’t say I’m really thrilled about that, but this holiday did have a very nice end to it: a tea party! This post will be mostly pictures, as I don’t have much time right now.

tea table

The table, with most of the food on it. I added some notes on Flickr, if you would like more details.

Jam tart

The jam tart! This probably took the longest to make, because I had some difficulties getting the dough in the right shape. It was a lot of fun to do, though.

Jam tart

Here’s a closeup of a slice. The recipe for the tart comes from a cookbook called A Little Book of Afternoon Teas – not a vegan cookbook, but this recipe happened to be vegan and I just had to try it.


Brownies! I had made this recipe before, they’re the Fudgy Brownies from Vive le Vegan!. I love these, they’re so full of flavour.


Above is a bowl of sandwiches. I take pictures outside, because that’s where the light is.

I made two ‘spreads’ to fill the sandwiches: a sundried tomato pesto/tapenade and a chickpea salad. The pesto was just (soaked) dried tomatoes, toasted almonds, garlic, olive oil and salt, and the chickpea salad consisted of mashed chickpeas, vegan mayonaise, dried parsley, lemon juice, spring onion, tomato, curry powder, salt and pepper (I think that’s it). Most of the sandwiches also have sprouts on top of the spread, others had thin slices of cucumber.


And here’s a closeup of the sandwiches. I read that the ‘traditional’ way to serve the sandwiches is to remove the crusts, but I thought that was kind of a waste so I left most of them on.


Of course, a High Tea wouldn’t be complete without scones. I used a recipe from Parsley Soup, which was easy and enjoyable to make. I didn’t realise that I was out of baking powder until it was too late to buy any, so used baking soda instead. They didn’t rise very high, but were tasty nonetheless. I’m sure I will use this recipe again when I’ve had the chance to buy some baking powder again! I kept warming them up in the oven so we could eat them warm (I didn’t know exactly at what time we would start eating them), so they turned out a little more browned than when I first took them out of the oven. I served them with margarine, jam and Soyatoo whipping cream. My friends said they liked them and even thought they were kind of ‘addicting’, so they were definitely a success :).

Scone, strawberry, cream

Here’s one of the scones, halved, with a strawberry and some Soyatoo cream. So yummy!

I’m glad with the way everything turned out, and I think my guests were, too, as they just kept eating! Almost everything is gone. I didn’t expect that, but of course it did make me very happy. There is about one plate of the food left. After all this, I’m stuffed, so I hope my parents or neighbours are up for some baked goods!


19 thoughts on “The last day of spring break…

  1. Wow, I don’t even know where to begin except to say that now I KNOW the plane ride to get to your tea party would’ve been worth it ;o). The brownies, the sandwiches, the perfectly-latticed jam tart, and especially those scones look so amazing. I am sure you won’t have ANY trouble getting rid of the last plate of leftovers. But in case you do, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands hehe.

    Oh, and about the purple cauliflower– I rarely ever see it at the store either, so when I do, I get all excited and jump up and down (well, maybe not literally, but in my head, I am jumping up and down!).

  2. Bonnie…I would have just kept right on eating too! That tart, the brownies, the scones, and the sandwhiches, they just look waayy too good!*smile* Maybe you could send me the “leftovers”??

    P.S. Sorry, I accidently left this comment on your previous post..:(

  3. The sundried tomato pesto/tapenade sounds delectable! Good looking scones, too, even if they are very flat. Is the Soyatoo cream any good?

    The background of your photos reminds me of Holland :(

  4. Were your tea guests vegan also? It’s so awesome that you say they kept eating and eating! That’s a sure sign that you’ve thrown one heck of a vegan high tea. :) Those browned scones look amazing! I cannot even imagine how divine they must have tasted, all warmed up with strawberries and soyatoo whip on top! And if I were lucky enough to have actually been at your high tea, I would have been very grateful that you left the sandwich crusts on. I like that part!

    That jam tart is stunning! It looks so fancy. Oh my goodness, all the food looks so good, I would have been happy munching on it all day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  5. Hello, it’s me again! Thank you so much for the link to the cooking show!
    I will watch it in a free minute and hope I can understand a bit! I come from the northern part of Germany and our dialect is sort of related to to Dutch, so we will see! Anyway I think it’s great that there is a vegetarian cooking show, in Germany all cooking shows are so meat centred that it’s really disgusting.

  6. Thanks, people :D Actually, no one there was vegan except me, so I was surprised they even liked the Soyatoo cream (which my omni dad thinks tastes weird, so I wasn’t sure whether they’d like it)…

    @ Adele: I really like Soyatoo myself, too! I prefer the stuff from the carton over the can, because you have to refrigerate the can and take it out fifteen minutes or so before using it and I never remember to take it out in time. With the carton you can just squeeze it out of the package and use it right away or whip it yourself. I imagine it would be very nice to use in/with different kind of baked goods, but I haven’t tried that yet.

    @ Priscilla: that’s OK! don’t worry about the comment :)

  7. The tart looks amazing. Great photos. Seriously….I think that all vegans are exceptional photographers…is it all the tofu? What’s going on? I am thinking…vegan-photo-revolution!!!

  8. Bonnie, these things look just lovely. And quite stylish, too. Makes me want to have posh garden parties even though I don’t have posh friends or a posh garden.

  9. I really admire your tart-making ability! I’ve made a few pies and I’ve yet to make a pretty lattice top pie layer the way you’ve made one for this gorgeous tart. I bet you’re quite a patient baker! Very cool! Nice meeting you :)

  10. Thank you!
    I’m actually not that patient, haha. I enjoyed making the lattices for this one time, though! I think I actually had more difficulty getting the dough in the baking pan correctly without breaking than I had making the lattices… I just need practice :) thanks for commenting, nice meeting you as well!

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