Pannenkoeken and Cake

After reading about them on Coppe and Adele’s blog (which is very nice, by the way, have a look!), I really felt like making some pannenkoeken. They’re like pancakes, but much thinner and simpler to put together. The batter, that is. The frying of the pannenkoek is the difficult part, in my opinion. I’ve never been very good at flipping flat and delicate things over in a pan, and most of my pannenkoeken usually end up looking like this:

In the end, I did get a couple good ones, though, so it wasn’t too bad.


Part of my problem was that I wasn’t sure how to make the batter – stupid, since Coppe posted a recipe that looks really good. But no, I had to try it my own way. My batter had what was supposed to be ‘homemade almond milk’ (a mixture of raw almond butter and water), applesauce, flour and a little salt. I guess it could’ve worked, but the batter was much too wet for the first few pannenkoeken and even after I had added flour, the texture wasn’t exactly right. Oh well, I had fun making them and they tasted good with some syrup. All of them were eaten, except one that fell on the floor while I was trying to flip it by throwing it in the air. Next time I’ll just try using a recipe!

Now, this post needs chocolate.

Yesterday, a friend came over to make Celine’s Sacher Torte. We doubled the recipe (making two cakes) and put them on top of each other with strawberry preserves in the middle.

Sacher Torte

We were happily spreading the chocolate frosting onto the cake, when we remembered the powdered sugar that should’ve been added to it. We decided to just leave it out and have a little more bitter, but still delicious frosting instead. It would’ve been nice to have the sugar in there, but I don’t think it mattered much.
Sacher Torte

More of a problem was that I think I forgot to add part of the flour to one batch, which resulted in a flat, poorly risen cake. We used it anyway and it didn’t taste bad at all, just not the way it was supposed to (and different from the other half). In any case, the upper half of the torte made up for the less-than perfect lower half. I’d love to try the recipe again and make the cake and frosting the proper way! If I do that, I’d also like to get some nice fresh red fruit for decoration. Now we only had strawberries from a jar, that looked so dull and depressing that we decided to just leave them off.

Altogether, the Sacher Torte was very tasty and made a nice dessert to that night’s dinner – lasagne! We made the Lasagne Marinara with Spinach from Veganomicon. I don’t have any photos to post, but I can tell you that I loved it. That cashew ricotta is fantastic. We sauteed some mushrooms and added them to the spinach. Best lasagne I’ve made! If it didn’t take so long to prepare (worth it, though), I’d be eating it all the time.

This post is very brown and I don’t like it. I’ll have to try to take some more colourful food pictures next. If all goes as planned, I’ll be having a little vegan High Tea this weekend, so I hope to be back with more baked goods, sandwiches and/or other tea-time foods then!


10 thoughts on “Pannenkoeken and Cake

  1. Ooh I wish I could come to your little vegan High Tea! Sounds like so much fun! I’m excited to see your photos of it.

    LOL, the first picture kinda reminds me of a sand castle :o). But the pannenkoeken and chocolate cake (yum) look fabulous.

  2. Yeah, it would be a long flight… but for a fun vegan party (not to mention getting to meet another vegan blogger), it just might be worth it. Hehe don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep ;o).

    Good luck with all the baking!

  3. The pannenkoeken seems like a breakfast I would love! But I’m scared I’d mess it up too without an exact, tried and true recipe.

    Sacher Torte! A two layer cake – now that’s fancy of you! I guess it helps to have a second person making it with you. Yum!

    I need to try Cashew Ricotta, I keep looking at the recipe but I seriously have a document saved on my computer with a mile-long list of recipes to try. Ooh have fun at your high tea – I’m having a tea party too sometime before spring break, and I am going to introduce some willing omnis to VwaV scones. Yay! I can’t wait for your pictures!

  4. I always make pannenkoeken with just flour (embarrassing: just from a package from Koopmans, meergranen) and soymilk. I just replace the milk with soymilk and add a little bit extra soymilk for the eggs. Alpro light works best, with regular Alpro they become… sort of stiff.

    Looking forward to the pictures of the high tea…

  5. @Sanja: Usually I’d rather not use package, but this time it does sound like a good idea. it didn’t occur to me that the Koopmans pannenkoekemix could be vegan. Thanks for the advice!

  6. I think the first pancake looks pretty awesome, to be honest. It’s food art.

    I screw up pancakes on a reasonably regular basis myself and I don’t get them to look that pretty.

    I don’t think the good one looks bad at all and the cake seems very tasty.

    Enjoy the High Tea. May the gods of Scone bless you with a fine crumb and tasty vegan clotted cream!

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