Indeed, muffins

Graham Cracker Muffins

I took the graham crackers that I made saturday and used them in another one of Celine’s recipes: Graham Cracker Muffins! I didn’t have enough crackers left, so I quartered the recipe and got four small muffins. They’re quite delicious!


I had a salad for breakfast. Weird? I don’t know. Anyway, it was good. It had arugula, slices of mandarin orange, toasted (burnt…) hazelnuts, cucumber and a dressing of almond butter, mandarin orange juice, lemon juice and a tiny bit of maple syrup. Oh, and little pieces of onion. Surprisingly tasty!

My lunch: penne with a tomato sauce with pieces of seitan pepperoni. I had some green bell pepper in there at first, but then I decided I didn’t like it and took it out.

Chocolate-Hazelnut cookies

Lastly, some cookies: the Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies from Veganomicon, with toasted hazelnut pieces (burnt again… will I ever learn? probably not.) and no chocolate chips, because I was all out of chocolate.

Now I’m off! I think my parents are about to start having dinner…

Oh, and if anyone’s still interested in the apple pie that I wrote about, my neighbour now sent me the recipe and I posted it here. Thanks, Anita!


8 thoughts on “Indeed, muffins

  1. Okay, graham cracker muffins??? Those are PERFECT – especially since I have far too many graham crackers on-hand, that need to be used before April (their expiration date, haha)!!

    That salad looks fanastic!! Sounds like a fun, unconventional breakfast meal :0D

    I’m not a fan of green bell pepper, so I commend your decision to take it out of your scrumptious pasta dish (haha); and those cookies look wonderful as well!!

  2. Thanks, Liz! I think the muffin recipe would be a great way to use up those graham crackers!
    I used the green bell pepper because I wanted to add something green and the pepper needed to be eaten, but… it just wasn’t good.

  3. That salad for breakfast looks delicious! I sometimes have a salad for breakfast too; it’s tasty, healthy and filling so I just think – why not? I’m really going to have to invest in buying ‘Veganomicon’ there are so many gorgeous looking recipes from there!

  4. Oh my goodness, your comment on my blog post had me laughing out loud!

    And thanks for posting the apple pie recipe, as it looks really good. ALL your food looks really good, even the salad for breakfast. I went through a salad-for-breakfast phase for a while too ;o).

    And I love graham cracker muffins– I haven’t tried the one you made, but my favorite muffin recipe (which I have linked on my blog) is for my s’more muffins… now you have me craving muffins!

  5. That salad sounds well-suited for breakfast time, definitely not overly weird. The oranges, the maple syrup, the hazelnuts, the almond butter… There ya go.

    Graham cracker muffins do sound yummy! Romina took my words. :)

  6. I guess salads are suitable for every type of meal! I wouldn’t be able to put one together for breakfast at 7 o’ clock in the morning on a normal school day, though.

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