Apple pie…

Look what I got today!

Apple pie

It’s a delicious piece of apple pie made by my neighbours, who veganized their own recipe so I could eat it too! Isn’t that cool? They gave us half a pie, so there’s still some left for tomorrow. I love it.

I did some baking myself too:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are so nice to make… I used a recipe posted on a Dutch forum here, which was easy to do and turned out very well! The cookies ended up being much bigger than I had expected, but that was no problem at all. They were eaten pretty quickly by my parents, my friends, my grandmother, and, of course, myself.

Today, I tried Paulina’s Two-minute Chocolate Brownie Cake, but I didn’t get a picture, because I suck! And now it’s already dark so I can’t really take one either… But that’s OK – Paulina’s picture looks much better than mine would have done anyway, so go over to her blog to check it out!

As Paulina says herself, the banana does add a specific taste to the dessert. I don’t mind, though – I love the combination of chocolate and banana! It was very interesting for me to make, too. I had never made something cake-like using the microwave before, so I was surprised by how quickly the batter turned solid in there. So yeah, I’m glad to have tried this.

As much as I love all those baked goods, I do also eat normal meals. I have the feeling those aren’t as much represented in the pictures I post online, though. That’s because I usually find them less interesting. Most of the time, the meals I make are very simple, like this one:


It’s a tofu scramble, consisting of: garlic, onion, tofu, the tofu scramble spice blend from Yellow Rose Recipes (minus the garlic powder) along with some other spices, chickpeas (crushed and mashed a bit), kale, tomatoes and kalamata olives. Basically, whatever I had on hand. Oh, I also sprinkled some nutritional yeast on top, but that was after I took the picture.

It’s only february, but it feels like spring is on its way. In any case, the sun is shining more and that is great because more sunshine = better pictures, so maybe I’ll be able to take some nice photos of actual meals soon, too, so you don’t think I live solely on cookies and cakes.


8 thoughts on “Apple pie…

  1. I believe you, regarding eating normal meals. I think that posting mostly desserts is what a lot of us do; and I’m like you in that my meals are usually simple (and fast).

    It’s so great to have friends and neighbors that accommodate us vegans. They are few and far between, but I highly value their consideration. The top of the apple pie looks granola-y: like giant pieces of granola, magnified, placed on top of a pie. Yum!

  2. Haha I always feel like I post so much chocolate-y stuff that people will start to think, “Maybe she doesn’t eat healthy food!”

    Aww, you have such wonderful neighbors to veganize their recipe for you. And the pie looks delicious too, with a gorgeous crust. Yum, now you have me craving apple pie! I guess I will have to make do with the lemon pie I have in my fridge!

    Wishing you many days of sunshine in the near future :o)

  3. Your neighbours rock. That looks like a tasty apple pie.

    Yeah, the light has been a lot better for food photos. The weather has been perfect lately, frosty air and bright sunshine. Hope it stays this way!

    Where do you get your nutritional yeast?

  4. Yes, I guess it DOES mean you’re really vegan ;o). Don’t worry, I thought it looked good too… I just didn’t think anyone else would, since it’s so green! (And my dad calls it baby poo… talk about spoiling my appetite!)

  5. wow, you have such lovely neighbors – that pie looks fantastic!!

    mmm, the chocolate-banana flavors of that brownie-cake DO sound quite tasty; and those cookies you made LOOK quite tasty as well! yum!

    haha, well you’ve seen my blog – all sweets! I swear I eat regular meals as well :0)

    considering my spring vacation from school officially begins in two days, I can DEFINITELY agree that spring feels like it’s on its way!! :0)

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