The Rediscovery of Vive le Vegan

Vive le Vegan is the only Dreena Burton cookbook I currently own and full of amazing recipes, but somehow I keep forgetting to look those up when I want to bake something. This weekend, however, I had some free time and decided to try the following things:

Fudgy Brownies from Vive le Vegan

Fudgy Brownies. So good. Even better than the ones from my previous post, I think, though I really like walnuts in there too.

Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies, which I had never ever made before in my entire life, so it was about time. I still haven’t found chocolate chips anywhere here (though I didn’t feel like spending much time looking for them, either), so I made do with a chopped up bar of chocolate. That worked fine as well, only the chunks are uneven and there are tiny specks of chocolate all throughout the dough. Whatever. Delicious!

Maroccan Chickpea Patties

Maroccan Chickpea Patties (here served with brown rice, carrots and snap peas). Again, not the best picture, but I can assure you these patties were a success! My mother and I made them together to have for dinner. When we’d finished shaping them into patties we figured it was too much for three people, so only put six patties (we made them rather small) in the pan and saved the rest for later. However, we turned out loving them so much we fried up the other ones as well and eating them all in one evening. They took some time to make, but were well worth the effort.

I also made another (double) batch of Veganomicon chocolate ice cream and mixed some of the fudgy brownies, some sliced banana and walnuts into it to make an extra decadent dessert. I messed up a bit (the machine’s bowl was too small, ingredients weren’t cold enough, blah blah blah) and ended up putting everything in a big bowl in the freezer and stirring it through every half hour or so to keep it smooth. Didn’t work as well as the ice cream machine would, but it’s a really good batch of ice cream anyway. No picture (yet?), sorry.

Also, I went to Rotterdam friday and had lunch at Maoz. I’d always wanted to try the falafel salad, and now I did:

Salad box

You get three falafel balls and get to compile your own salad by picking from the salad bar. Yum! I still like falafel in pita bread best, but this was a nice change.

Oh wait, there’s more Vive le Vegan stuff! Today’s breakfast:

Heartshaped pancakes

Pancakes! They started out as the Apple Oat Pancakes, but then I realized I wanted to make something with banana and switched to the recipe on the page next to it – the Banana Bliss Pancakes. So these are Banana Oat Pancakes, shaped into hearts using a cute little utensil that I got from my friend Annika on Saint Nicholas’ Eve. The first few (not visible in this picture) fell apart, but in the end I did have some clearly recognizable hearts. Yay!


5 thoughts on “The Rediscovery of Vive le Vegan

  1. fudgy brownies? pancakes? cookies?? YUM!! oh my goodness everything looks beyond delectable!!

    to answer your comment, on my blog: I recommend the Avocado-White Bean Burritos recipe and the Penne with White Beans & Greens recipe. Simply spectacular and quite adaptable/good foundations for “switching up” ingredients.

  2. I make Dreena’s chocolate chip cookies quite a lot, but your first try with them looks SO much better than any of mine have! I think it’s partly the chopped chocolate – it looks yummier than chocolate chips.

    Oh, goodness, you must stop with the brownies! They look too delicious.

    Oh joy, the ins and outs of the ice cream machine. I used mine for the first time last week and also had the the-ingredients-weren’t-cold-enough problem. The ice cream was delicious but melted a little quicker than I would’ve liked. I’ve been using for my ice cream machine recipes, but did notice that Isa and Terry put some in V-Con as well. I will have to try theirs too, since you say your chocolate ice cream was really good!

    Your heart-shaped pancakes kick butt. Awesome!

  3. Oh wow those pancakes not only look delicious, but perfectly-formed as well!

    Mmmm the falafels look super– I’ve heard of Maoz and have wanted to go for a while, but there isn’t one around here :o(. Someday…

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