Happy new year :D


I hope you all (well, whoever is reading this) have a wonderful 2008! Above is a picture of the bowl of oliebollen that I made to celebrate the new year. I used the recipe that Lena posted on this forum, which worked very well! they turned out just they way I wanted.

I should put more effort into taking appetizing pictures of my food so that when I make something, I can actually post about it as well. Good idea for a new year’s resolution, maybe?

Though I didn’t take many photos of it, I thought the meal my mother and I made for Christmas was pretty fabulous. We had invited some family to dinner and decided to make a couple of different dishes so people could choose from a variety of things. Here’s what the menu looked like:

– Soup: two different kinds; Celine’s Creamy Tomato Soup and a pumpkin soup from a cookbook by Linda McCartney. Oh, I did take a picture of Celine’s soup:

Creamy tomato soup with cheezy crackers

– Greek salad: we wanted to let everyone compose their own salad the way they wanted to, so we put all the ingredients on the table in separate small bowls to let everyone take what they wanted. I also made focaccia (from Veganomicon), which we served with a olive tapenade based on the recipe from Yellow Rose Recipes. And it rose, my bread rose! I was very pleased with my soft and fluffy homemade bread.
– Pasta with roasted vegetables: The idea was pretty simple; we cooked some pasta and made different sauces to eat it with. I made three pestos: the Sundried Tomato pesto from Vegan with a Vengeance, the Lemon Artichoke pesto from Yellow Rose Recipes and the, umm, regular pesto recipe from YRR.
My mother made ‘Provençal tian’ (it’s from a book called Low Carb Vegetarian, but I think the same recipe is online here), a delicious dish of roasted mediterranean vegetables that I loved. It’s really a shame that I was already so full… Anyway, that was nice combined with the pasta. Oh, I also made the Parmesan from YRR, but I had completely forgotten about it until I found it in the fridge when most people had already finished their pasta. Pity. Oh well, I’ll just eat it myself!
– Dessert! I made two things: the Tiramisu Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and the chocolate ice cream from Veganomicon. Both were liked, but I think people were most surprised about the vegan ice cream – as I was myself! I’ve had some good vegan ice cream, but this was really amazing. It must be the silken tofu that makes it so good – and of course the chocolate. So yeah, I’m looking forward to using that recipe again very soon!

Tiramisu cupcake, chocolate ice cream

Not a very clear picture, but those are the two vegan desserts on one plate. Yum yum.

All in all, I think everyone enjoyed the food they had! There was enough variety for everyone to have at least something they liked. There were also a lot of leftovers, but as those were mostly pesto and tapenade, both of which can easily be used in all sorts of ways, I didn’t mind at all.

Now I should go to bed – after New Year celebrations and all, I could use some sleep. I really hope to be back soon with some nice pictures to post, but studying for exams is probably going to get in the way of that. Meh. I’ll do my best :)


3 thoughts on “Happy new year :D

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :0)

    Looks like you’ve certainly done your share of cooking lately!! Wow!! The oliebollen looks quite enticing – and everything else you’ve been making sounds spectacular as well (especially the Tiramisu Cupcakes, tomato soup, Greek salad – with your homemade bread! – and pasta with roasted vegetables & pesto).

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