Baking recap

I just can’t seem to update this thing regularly, can I? Oh well, I’ll keep on trying.

About a week ago, I decided to make Mihl‘s Dried Pepper and Sesame Rolls. I wanted to make them with sundried tomatoes because I didn’t have the dried pepper, but I had already assembled some of the ingredients when I discovered that I didn’t have any tahini either. I know I know, I should’ve checked that before I started making it, but I really thought there was still half a jar in the cupboard. Anyway, I figured I’d just make the sesame rolls some other time (it sounds so good, I still want to try it!) and choose another filling. Eventually, I used the ingredients of the Raisin Walnut Bread recipe (more or less), but I did use the method of rolling the filling into the dough like with the Sesame Rolls because that just looks pretty.


The result was good: the taste was nice, my parents really liked them and my friends (although they didn’t try it) said they looked and smelled delicious. The only annoying thing is that the dough didn’t rise properly, just like the last time I made bread. Maybe I need to get myself some new yeast, or just hope it goes better next time. I’ll keep on experimenting!

The next thing I made is what we call ‘kruidnoten’. They’re small, speculaas-like cookies that are traditionally eaten around Saint Nicholas’ Eve, which is december 5th, but umm, I think they’ve been in the supermarkets for over a month already. In the Wikipedia article they’re incorrectly reffered to as pepernoten, which they are not. Pepernoten are completely different. But anyway – the kruidnoten.

Forgive me for the bad pictures – it was dark outside, so this was the best I could get.

To make these, I used the first recipe that I found on Google, which was very easily veganizable. The recipe is quite simple, it uses self-raising flour, brown sugar, butter, a store-bought spice mix and milk, so I only had to substitute vegan margarine and soy milk. They were different from the ‘normal’ ones from supermarkets and bakeries, but I think everyone enjoyed them!

I also made a different kind of speculaas using a recipe posted by Framboos on the Dutch Vegan Society forum, which turned out great!


The dough is like other speculaas, only this is filled with almond paste. Ridiculously good. I gave it to my parents and my neighbours and they loved it, so I’m going to make it again and let other people try it as well. This is probably very bad for you, but so good. Oh yes.

One of these days I’m going to make regular speculaas too, probably using Mihl’s recipe. It’s one of those perfect winter treats, and it’s getting colder and colder so this is the perfect time to make it ^^


10 thoughts on “Baking recap

  1. Tsk, someone?! ;-)

    Your ‘gevulde speculaas’ looks wonderful. I’ve never thought of putting it in a tin! Hmm. I’m thinking about my muffin tin right now… Great idea!

    I’m going to try to ‘veganise’ another Sinterklaas treat: borstplaat! I’ll let you know if it works out.

  2. Hi Framboos!

    Excuse me, I’ll credit you more properly ;)

    I wasn’t really sure what to put it in but I figured a tin would do. I don’t even know what is the ‘normal’ thing to use. Just a baking sheet? Anyway, thank you for the recipe, it’s a hit!
    Are you talking muffin-size speculaas? That sounds incredible. And I’d love to hear about the borstplaat, too :D

  3. Your rolls look really pretty and delicious! I like the idea of making raisin-walnut rolls very much. And you are right, it always looks pretty to roll the filling in.
    Gevuld speculaas sounds totally delicious, too. I think I will copy the recipe and make that for my family when I am home for Christmas.

  4. Yeah, I just put the bottom layer on a baking sheet, put the almond paste on it and put the second layer speculaas on top.

    I finally found a mini muffin tin, so maybe I am going to make mini muffin sides speculaas uh… thingies.

  5. is it cold where you are? if that’s the case, you might want to heat up your oven just a little bit [lowest temperature for 3-4 minutes], turning it off, and then have your dough rise in there.

  6. So many comments! thank you <3

    @ Mihl: Thanks! and thank you for giving me the idea :) I think making gevulde speculaas for your family is a great idea, I’ve given it to several people so far and they all love it.
    @ Framboos: Oh, I see. I’d like to try that method too, I think I’ll do that next time. I like the mini-muffin-thing idea, I can just picture the little round pieces with an almond in the middle. Very nice for handing out to people, I imagine :D
    @ Stonielove: thank you so much :)
    @ Tuimeltje: yes you should! it’s quite delicious. I’ve never actually checked the ingredients of the gevulde speculaas in the supermarkets but yeah, I don’t expect it to be vegan at all…
    @ Celine: thanks for the advice! I’ll just try to experiment some more with the rising.

  7. wow, the Speculaas, Kruidnoten, and your rendition of Mihl’s Dried Pepper & Sesame Rolls look so enticing!! The pictures look absolutely perfect if you ask me; and hey, even if you didn’t have all the ingredients for Mihl’s rolls, it’s always fun trying to improvise ;0)

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