Tofu scramble

I used a recipe to make tofu scramble once, and wasn’t too impressed. Since people seem to be raving about it however, I decided to give it another chance and try myself. I’m happy I did! I figured that I like not too much tofu, as many veggies as I can find in the fridge, some spice mix and nutritional yeast. It’s so yummy!

Tofu scramble

The first one I made yesterday for me and my mother to have for lunch. It has onion, zucchini, eggplant and tomato. It was lovely, but I thought it could be even better.

Tofu scramble (again)

And of course it could. This pretty much the same, but with more tomato and zucchini and added asparagus and sundried tomatoes. I love this. I don’t quite know how to use spices well, but I used premade mixes of Italian and bruschetta seasonings and that worked perfectly.

Oh and here’s a sandwich I made monday.

Not very interesting, just using up leftover eggplant with hummus and tomato.

Also, I made Celine’s Beer Bread Ballons again. This time I was lazy so I didn’t wait for an hour for the beer to go flat, didn’t proof the yeast properly and crammed all of the rolls on one baking sheet instead of two, making them all stick together, but they’re wonderful anyway so I don’t know why I even bother! Actually, there’s only one left now! I’ll be taking that one to school tomorrow. Oh right, school has started again, which means I have to get enough sleep. So I’m off to bed, bye-bye.


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