Pizza and Waffles

OK, here are le pizze… Homemade whole-wheat crusts, but storebought tomato sauce.

Pizza with courgette, aubergine and sundried tomatoes

Courgette (zucchini), aubergine (eggplant?! I never know what to use.) and sundried tomatoes. I liked this one best, but the other one was tasty too:

Pizza with green bell pepper, black olives and Cheezly mozzarella

Black olives, green bell pepper and Cheezly mozzarella that I bought in Amsterdam. I was really curious about the Cheezly because I had never had it before. Of all vegan cheeses I’ve tried so far, I like this one best. I didn’t use a lot of it because I didn’t want an overwhelming soy-cheese taste on my pizza, but that wasn’t the case at all. Personally I could hardly tell it was there. All in all, I like Cheezly, but I don’t think I’m going to eat it a lot because a. it’s not available in stores near my home and b. I like my pizza just as much without it. My parents (not vegan) liked it on the pizza, though, so that was nice!

Also yesterday, I finally used some of the pears from the garden along with some hazelnuts, from the garden as well, to make a cake.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t much of a success. I used a recipe for apple pie, subbed pears and hazelnuts for apples and raisins and added a bit of maple syrup. The pears were already pretty moist, so the whole thing fell apart when I tried to put it onto a plate. It tasted all right, but I still prefer apples. Oh well, better next time!

I made waffles again this morning. This time, I used Celine’s basic waffle recipe from Have Cake, Will Travel, which was great! It’s so basic you can use it to make pretty much any waffle you want. I kept it fairly simple, but did add some shredded coconut.


Yum! This time the batter was a lot thinner, which made it easier to handle. I even got a few perfect little hearts!


My parents liked them too. And so did my cat.

I’m going to a restaurant again tonight. I normally don’t do that this often, but it’s a great activity for the last week of summer holiday!


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