As announced, I spent yesterday walking around – and eating – in Antwerpen. It’s such a lovely city in general and there were a couple of places that I wanted to check out, too. Two restaurants: Lombardia and Ilha Formosa.

We had lunch at Lombardia, a (non-vegetarian) restaurant that’s known for its vegan ice cream and whipped cream. Unfortunately when I got there, the machine for that was broken. So no vegan cappuccino or tiramisu for me! There were enough other options, which were okay, but pretty expensive. I’m glad I tried the place, but I don’t think I’d go there again very soon. Or maybe just to taste the ice cream.

Lombardia, Antwerpen

Hot chocolate soymilk. This was quite good, actually… very sweet.

Lombardia, Antwerpen

The ‘tofu totall’ a sandwich with two sauces, a tofu patty and a huge portion of salad covering the whole thing. The salad comes with all the sandwiches, it’s funny – even the waiter couldn’t tell them apart.

I’d chosen a different restaurant for dinner. It’s called Ilha Formosa and is located in the Grote Pieter Potstraat. I didn’t really know what to expect of it, but now it’s definitely one of my favourite restaurants. Everything was absolutely delicious and beautifully presented.

Ilha Formosa - Vegetarian Restaurant in Antwerpen

When you enter, you immediately go downstairs into a basement where the restaurant is located. I really like the atmosphere there – the photo is way too dark, but I hope you get the idea.

Ilha Formosa - Vegetarian Restaurant in Antwerpen

The first thing I had was a juice: apple-cherry. So good!

Ilha Formosa - Vegetarian Restaurant in Antwerpen

First course – spring rolls. With all sorts of yummy things on the side.

Ilha Formosa - Vegetarian Restaurant in Antwerpen

After that, a lovely stirfry with seitan.

Ilha Formosa - Vegetarian Restaurant in Antwerpen

And then dessert… Wow. I don’t think I ever had fried banana in a restaurant before, but this was delicious! They had to make a special vegan batter for me, which surprised me a little (I mean, why not make it vegan all the time!). Look at all the fresh fruit on the side, too! Amazing.

Today I made pizza, but pictures are still coming.


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