Eating in Amsterdam

I keep editing my post and changing the look of this blog, but I’ve never used WordPress before and I’m just trying to figure out how it works. Here’s a new post!

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam to shop and try some of the vegan food there. Of course that meant I had to go to Maoz because their falafel is just so delicious.

Falafel from Maoz!

Then for dinner, we went to Green Planet. It’s a pretty small vegetarian restaurant in the Spuistraat. I liked the atmosphere and the way the place was decorated. Also, they had a cat! That made me happy.

Juice of the Day at Green Planet, Vegetarian Restaurant in Amsterdam

The Juice of the Day – orange, pinapple and ginger. Very good! I’m curious about the combinations they serve on other days.

Vegan Crostino at vegetarian restaurant Green Planet in Amsterdam

The vegan crostino – fried bread with hummus (I think) and some veggies on top. I loved this!

Coconut Wok stir-fry at vegetarian restaurant Green Planet in Amsterdam

A coconut stirfry with all sorts of veggies.

Lemon tofu cheesecake at vegetarian restaurant Green Planet in Amsterdam

And finally, dessert – a lemon tofu cheesecake, which was pretty good.

I also made my first homemade waffles! At first I put way too much batter in, so it poured all over the sides when I closed it, then it kept sticking to both of the plates so the waffles wouldn’t hold together, but then at last they came out all right!

Oatmeal-Banana-Raisin Waffles!

I guess the recipe I used, the Oatmeal-Banana-Raisin Waffles from Vegan with a Vengeance, was perhaps not the best choice for a first try at making waffles. The batter was pretty thick so it was harder to spread out over the plates. But that didn’t hurt the taste at all, and next time I’ll just look for a more basic recipe.

Tonight I’m going to a friend for dinner and we’re going to order a pizza, so no homemade food tonight either. I am however going to try and make some kind of pie with pears right now – we have loads of pears lying around here, so there are bound to be a few ripe ones in there!



2 thoughts on “Eating in Amsterdam

  1. Welcome to the blog world, Bonnie! When I was in Amsterdam last year I HAD to go to Maoz as well. Their falafel is the best! Thanks for posting about vegan food in Amsterdam…the first time I was there I was still a vegetarian (and I lived completely on stroop waffles:)) so I didn’t pay that much attention to vegan food options. I loved being in Amsterdam so much and I will definitely go back, so thanks for the info, I hope you will post some more;)

  2. Thank you Mihl! I’m glad you liked Amsterdam, and oh, stroopwafels are the best! :) There are actually quite a few vegetarian restaurants there, so there are definitely enough vegan options too. I’d love to try them all – and sure, I’ll post about it!

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